Eddie Esposito

Eddie Esposito

Cofounder of Asentiv

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure… As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.

Marianne Williamson


Eddie’s Story

Eddie Esposito is an ex celebrity chef, and expert in building communication skills and lasting relationships. He is a long-time business and executive coach who has helped people around the world develop their untapped potential. Eddie has a unique ability to help people develop the listening and communication skills that allow them to become better leaders in their workplaces and in their families .

A New Orleans native, Eddie Esposito’s greatest achievements came after losing his house, two businesses, and his community to Hurricane Katrina. The former high-flying chef, who cooked aboard private aircraft for celebrities and four U.S. Presidents, was forced to move his family to Atlanta. In fact, his new born daughter left the hospital the day before the storm just barely allowing them time to evacuate.

After the storm, Eddie began traveling weekly back to New Orleans to support his fellow devastated business owners. He brought the business owners together weekly to help them sort through insurance difficulties, family issues, and the uncertainty of living life in the wake of tragedy. Through Eddie’s support, every business in the group was able to recover. The lessons Eddie learned ultimately became the founding elements of Asentiv’s entrepreneurial program; The Spectacular Entrepreneur.

Although he no longer cooks professionally, Eddie lives in New Orleans with his wife Heather and their three children; Jorden, Mattie and Amelia. He loves old BMWs, great Italian wines, and cooking for friends, but in reality Eddie spends most of his time going to kids events, shuttling them to school and renovating his home — just like every other parent and entrepreneur.

Eddie The Author

Eddie is a long time business and personal coach, and a Cofounder of Asentiv. He has contributed to several best selling books including, The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret, Business by Referral; and the just released Truth or Delusion, Busting The World’s Biggest Networking Myths. He has also been featured on numerous radio shows and in newspapers throughout Europe and the United States.

He recently published his first cookbook, Healing Begins In The Kitchen. The book was Inspired by his friend Beth Misner who was on a mission to help her husband, Dr. Ivan Misner, overcome his bout with prostate cancer. Beth had the belief and the knowledge that food choice would play a significant role in warding off Dr. Misner’s disease, which had become pretty aggressive.

Eddie’s role was to create food choices that were good for the body, cancer fighting, and exciting to eat. During the testing of these recipes and the development time of the book, Dr. Misner’s PSA cancer numbers reduced to normal levels, and he continues to stay in the low range over 2 years later. All of this was done with food choice and minimal medication.

Eddie The Speaker

Eddie has spoken to audiences around the world about developing the listening and communication skills that impact all of our lives.

He has an entertaining presentation that demonstrates what often goes wrong in spousal communication that turns insignificant things into huge drama. He even show how to handle that ticking bomb of all questions, “does this dress make me look fat?”

He has presented to thousands of business owners about their real job, the need to become better business owners and better leaders. He has spoken to their team leaders about inspiring their workforces to action and putting in place measure of accountability that increase the success rates of goals set. He has spoken to thousands of sales people to give them insight to find the real customer needs and develop presentations that hit home.