Dawn Lyons



If whomever wants to become great, must become a servant, then in business, can you serve enough people to create a ripple affect for hundreds, thousands, or even millions? What if you believed you could!?

Dawn’s Story

Dawn Lyons is the Co-Founder of Asentiv. With her 28+ years of sales and public speaking skills, Dawn has been able to impact audiences in 9 different countries around the world. Her passion for helping other people succeed is palpable in her presentations, coaching, and training. Her “you gotta believe attitude” has instilled entrepreneurs across the globe to achieve more than they ever expected.

Dawn enjoys spending time wine tasting with friends and clients in Sonoma County, loves gardening, entertaining and cooking with her amazing husband Mike! Living a life of togetherness, faith and love in their Mediterranean home with 2 cats, 2 dogs, an amazing view, and an incredible team of people around her, Dawn has been able to create that amazing business and spectacular life for herself and many others!

Dawn had a moment in time that was a turning point for her. After receiving a standing ovation from over 500+ people at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Dawn walked down the aisle towards her mentor, who was shaking her head back and forth in what Dawn thought was shame and disgust. In the back of the room another mentor awaited and said to Dawn “You are in so much trouble!” and as she began to cry not understanding why this was happening, her mentor went on to say things like “We had no idea you could move an audience like that”, “We are so sorry we didn’t recognize your talent earlier”, “You are going to impact thousands of people with your speaking ability”, and many, many more wonderful comments. It was the day her confidence was shattered, and rebuilt stronger than ever in mere minutes. From then on her entire mantra is to help as many people believe in themselves, truly believe, just as it was done for her on that day in Santa Clara and….today, Dawn has impacted thousands of people, just as she was told she would!

Growing up in a very rural town in Michigan then moving to California at the age of eighteen knowing absolutely no one, Dawn considers herself street smart along with investing almost a 7 figure income into her personal development. This is important to you because she wants to save others all of the hassle, travel time, money and effort and simply teach you all that she has learned over the years!

Dawn The Author

As an author, Dawn is a Contributing Author to the New York Times best selling book, Master of Sales. She is an Amazon.com best selling author for A Room Full of Referrals(R) and How To Network For Them! Plus, a contributing author to Truth or Delusion, Busting The World’s Biggest Networking Myths. Her next book is particularly designed for entrepreneurs and the beliefs they have about themselves, their expertise, or how they run their business that is getting in the way of their ultimate success. Her passion for instilling belief in others is palpable and is likely to be her favorite book yet. In fact, she will be conducting exclusive, eight people or less, private weekend retreats at her beautiful mediterranean home in Northern California based on the information in the book!

Dawn The Speaker

While polling many of her clients, the top three words they use to explain Dawn’s Keynote presentations are dynamic, interactive, and engaging! Dawn has been in some form of public speaking since the age of eighteen. She has spoken to audiences of over 500+ people in the UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Dubai, all across the US. Dawn believes in being yourself and giving a ton of value to the audience. Her no-nonsense approach to business and life is fun and refreshing. Her passion for seeing others succeed is present from the moment she steps on stage. Her belief of “everyone deserves success” is a common thread in all of her keynote presentations.

Dawn The Coach

Dawn considers herself a directive consultant and a feisty, fun, open-hearted coach. When clients don’t know their next step, she is able to quickly provide direction. Other clients may simply be stuck or avoiding something. Dawn is able to switch gears and listen with an open heart to provide insights that her clients can utilize to move through their situation. With all of the personal development Dawn has invested into herself, her goal is to ensure that her clients don’t have to spend all of the time and money it took her to get to the level of success they desire!

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